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Flat-Faced Felines Unveiled: Common Health Problems & Breeds You Need to Know

Flat-faced cats, also known as brachycephalic cats, are popular feline companions known for their adorable flattened faces and playful personalities. However, these cats are prone to certain health problems that require special care and attention from their owners.

This article aims to educate readers about the common health problems of flat-faced cats and the different breeds that fall under this category.

Health Problems of Flat-Faced Cats

Breathing Complications

One of the most notable health issues of flat-faced cats is the brachycephalic airway syndrome, a respiratory disorder that affects cats with short snouts. This disorder can cause difficulty breathing, panting, and wheezing.

It can also make it challenging for the cat to exert itself, especially in warm weather. Furthermore, the flat and wide nostrils of brachycephalic cats can make it difficult for them to inhale air, causing them to struggle for breath.

Upper respiratory infections can worsen the situation, leading to severe breathing difficulties.

Dental Malocclusion

Another common health concern of flat-faced cats is dental malocclusion. This condition arises when the teeth of a feline’s upper and lower jaws don’t interlock correctly due to the shortened upper jaw.

Misaligned teeth cause abnormal wear and tear on the teeth and can lead to oral pain, gum disease, and eating difficulties. Cat owners are advised to maintain regular oral examinations to detect dental malocclusion early and prevent the problem from worsening.

A mishandled dental problem can hinder the cat’s ability to eat, leading to loss of weight and other health issues.

Tear Stains

Flat-faced cats also tend to have watery eyes, leading to tear stains. Excess tear overflow can cause dermatitis, leading to skin irritation, inflammation, and infection.

A tear duct blockage can also cause tear stains, eye infections, and disturbs the feline’s vision. Cleaning daily around the cat’s eyes with a damp cloth can help remove the tear stains.

However, if the underlying cause is a tear duct blockage, seek veterinary care to treat the issue and prevent recurring eye infections.

Flat-Faced Cat Breeds


The Persian breed is one of the oldest, with its origins in the Middle East. Persian cats are recognized for their luxurious long fur, cute flat faces, and calm demeanor.

They are perfect lap cats and enjoy napping. However, they require regular grooming to maintain their silky coats and unique features.

Himalayan (Colorpoint Persian)

The Himalayan breed is a crossbreed between the Persian and the Siamese cat breeds. They are playful, affectionate, and enjoy playing with cat toys.

Their long hair requires regular brushing to avoid matting and tangles.

British Longhair


British Longhair breed is a peaceful and long-living cat that loves tricks and light exercises. They enjoy attention and human interaction.

British Shorthair


British Shorthair breed is excellent for vermin hunting and regularly participates in cat shows. They are incredibly social and affectionate cats that require plenty of socialization from their owners.

Exotic Shorthair


Exotic Shorthair breed is the shorthair variant of the Persian breed, with a similar appearance but less grooming requirements. They are popular due to their charming personalities and affectionate nature.

However, they tend to develop anxiety when separated from their owners.

Scottish Fold


Scottish Fold breed is a rare brachycephalic cat breed with folded ears that emerge at around three weeks old. They shed moderately, require frequent grooming and enjoy playing.



Burmese breed is an incredibly athletic and playful cat that enjoys playing fetch. They come in different colors, and their origins trace back to American and European breeders.



Munchkin breed is a small-sized brachycephalic cat breed with an energetic and feisty personality. They require ethical breeding to prevent problems with their short stature.

Selkirk Rex


Selkirk Rex breed is an all-American breed known for its unique wavy coat. They are trainable on leashes and harnesses, making them an excellent cat breed for adventure.



Burmilla breed is a cross between the

Burmese and the Silver Coated Chinchilla Persian breeds. They have an effervescent personality and enjoy outdoor adventures, making catios an ideal setup.



Bombay breed is a solid black brachycephalic cat breed. They are highly athletic, friendly, and enjoy human companionship.

They, too, have adorable smooshed faces. In conclusion, knowing the health problems of flat-faced cats and the different breeds can help owners provide proper care to these adorable pets.

By ensuring they get regular oral checkups, keeping their eyes clean, and providing mental and physical stimuli through play and socialization, flat-faced cats can live thriving, healthy lives full of joy and fun. In conclusion, flat-faced cats are beloved felines known for their cute flattened faces and playful personalities.

However, they are prone to certain health problems such as breathing complications, dental malocclusion, and tear stains. Owners of brachycephalic cats need to be aware of these issues and provide the appropriate care and attention their pets deserve.

Additionally, there are numerous breeds of flat-faced cats, each with unique characteristics to consider before adopting or purchasing. By providing proper care and understanding the different breeds, flat-faced cats can live long, happy, and healthy lives.

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