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Feeding Your Feline Right: A Comprehensive Review of Smalls Cat Food Delivery Service

Cats have become part and parcel of our lives. These furry friends give us company, offer emotional support, and are a constant companion in our lives.

Therefore, we all want to ensure that our cats stay healthy and happy. One of the critical ways of taking care of your cat’s overall health is by feeding them nutritious food.

With the increasing demand for fresh, wholesome, and healthy cat food, more cat food delivery services are cropping up. The Smalls cat food delivery service is one of them.

In this article, we will explore what Smalls cat food is, how the company delivers its mission, how the cat food is made, and the benefits of feeding your cat this food.

Demand for Healthy Cat Food

Fresh cat food, freeze-dried raw cat food, and wholesome cat food are the most in-demand cat food types in the market. Every pet owner desires their cats to have fresh, nutrient-rich, and wholesome food that will keep them healthy.

In recent years, there has been a lot of emphasis on human-grade ingredients in cat food. Many pet owners have started to shun commercial pet food that contains artificial additives, preservatives, and synthetic flavors.

Instead, they are opting for fresh cat food, such as the ones offered by Smalls.

Smalls Cat Food Delivery Service

Smalls is a cat food delivery service that provides fresh cat food made from human-grade ingredients. Their goal is to improve the health of cats and the quality of their food.

The service delivers raw, lightly cooked, and grain-free diets straight to your doorstep. Smalls aims to make the purchase and consumption of fresh, healthy cat food a seamless process for pet owners.

What is Smalls Cat Food? Smalls cat food is fresh, wholesome, and made from human-grade ingredients.

The company aims to provide cat owners with healthy cat food that is free from preservatives, fillers, and artificial additives.

Smalls’ Mission

The primary goal of Smalls cat food delivery service is to offer cat owners an opportunity to feed their cats fresh, healthy food.

The company understands that good cat food is critical to the overall health of cats. Therefore, their mission is to provide food that will enhance the health of cats.

They promise to deliver high-quality, human-grade, and carefully balanced cat food that will meet your cat’s nutritional needs.

How Smalls Cat Food is Made

The process of making Smalls cat food is thorough and takes into consideration the nutritional needs of each cat. Here is a breakdown of how Smalls cat food is made:


Pick the Ingredients

Smalls carefully sources all its ingredients from human-grade farms in the USA and Canada. The company focuses on getting the freshest ingredients possible to create healthy, nutritious meals.

2. Prepare the Food

The cat food is prepared in small batches, allowing for more attention to every detail.

The ingredients are either cooked or kept raw, depending on the meal’s requirements.


Freeze, Pack, and Ship

Once the food has been cooked or raw, it is portioned and frozen before being packaged in eco-friendly containers. The delivery service ships the food to customers, and the food arrives at their doorstep.

Benefits of Feeding Smalls Cat Food

Feeding your cat Smalls cat food has numerous benefits. Here are a few:


Fresh Breath

Smalls cat food ingredients are healthy and fresh, helping reduce bad breath and improve your cat’s oral hygiene. 2.

Better Digestion

Feeding your cat raw and fresh cat food enhances digestion, reducing the chances of constipation, diarrhea, and other stomach problems. 3.

Shiny Fur

Healthy cat food contains nutrients such as omega-3 and omega-6 that promote healthy and shiny fur. 4.

Better Energy

Feeding your cat fresh, healthy cat food can improve their energy levels, resulting in a happy and playful cat. In conclusion, Smalls cat food delivery service is an excellent option for cat owners who want to give their furry friends fresh, healthy, and nutritious food.

It is important to choose the right food for your cat’s overall health, and Smalls cat food provides that option. It is made from human-grade ingredients, free from preservatives, fillers, and artificial additives.

Additionally, feeding your cat fresh and healthy food enhances their digestive system, oral hygiene, fur quality, and energy levels.

3) Smalls Cat Food Features

Smalls cat food is known for its high-quality, human-grade ingredients that result in better cat health. The company offers a range of fresh cooked and freeze-dried raw cat food varieties to fit different cat needs and preferences.

Let us explore the Smalls cat food features in more detail.

Cooking Process

Smalls cat food is cooked with care to maintain the nutrient value and flavor of the ingredients. The company uses either steaming or low-heat and long-duration cooking processes.

Smalls steams or cooks ingredients for a shorter duration to preserve the food’s nutritional value. Alternatively, they may cook a batch for an extended period, which leads to a more flavorful meal.

After cooking, the food is then frozen, ensuring that it stays fresh by locking in nutrients.

Human-Grade Fresh Cat Food Varieties

Smalls cat food’s fresh cooked meals come in various flavors such as bird, other bird, cow, and fish, all of which cater to different cat interests and dietary needs. Here is a breakdown of each variety:



Smalls’ bird meals consist of human-grade chicken, turkey, and quail that are carefully cooked with health and flavor in mind. The bird variety is ideal for cats that are new to cooked food and need a gentle introduction.

2. Other Bird

This variety consists of human-grade duck and chicken, which provides a flavorful and nutrient-packed meal for cats.

The recipe also includes added vitamins and minerals for optimal feline nutrition. 3.


The cow variety includes human-grade beef alternating with nutrient-dense organs. The recipe ensures that your feline friend gets all the hearty proteins it needs to thrive.

4. Fish

The fish variety includes high-quality non-farmed fish such as cod and salmon that are sustainably sourced.

The recipe is ideal for cats that enjoy seafood and in need of essential omega-3 fatty acids.

Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food Varieties

Smalls cat food also offers freeze-dried raw cat food options, which deliver a raw food experience for cats in an easy-to-use and convenient manner. Here are the varieties:


Raw Bird

The freeze-dried raw bird cat food consists of high-quality poultry such as chicken and turkey. It is rich in protein, amino acids, and essential nutrients for optimal health.

2. Raw Other Bird

The Raw Other Bird variety contains human-grade duck, according to cat interests and dietary needs.

It provides cats with a nutrient-packed and protein-rich meal that will keep them healthy. 3.

Raw Water Bird

The Raw Water Bird variety includes nutrient-rich bird organs such as heart, liver, and kidneys. The recipe provides your cat with healthy, raw food that promotes optimal health and vitality.

4) Smalls Cat Food Delivery: What to Expect

Smalls cat food delivery covers frozen and freeze-dried raw cat food. Let us explore what to expect when purchasing and storing the cat food.

Delivery and Storage

When Smalls cat food is delivered, it comes frozen, packed in eco-friendly containers designed to maintain the food’s integrity and freshness. After delivery, you should store the cat food in your freezer or your pantry storage to ensure freshness.

If you are using the frozen cat food, you can thaw it in a refrigerator before feeding it to your cat.

Serving Fresh Cat Food

When serving Smalls cat food fresh cooked meals, open the container and scoop out the food. The fresh food scent and texture of the human-grade fresh meals will attract your feline friend and make them excited to eat.

Once fed, you can store any remaining food in sealed containers in the fridge, ensuring the food remains fresh for your cat’s next mealtime.

Serving Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food

Smalls cat food freeze-dried raw cat food options come with easy-to-open and seal packaging, making it easy to store any unused food. To serve the freeze-dried raw cat food, use the scoop provided in the package to measure them out.

Add water, mix, and leave it for about two minutes to rehydrate the food before feeding it to your cat. The freeze-dried cat food has a dry and crunchy texture that cats love.

In conclusion, Smalls cat food delivery service offers high-quality human-grade fresh cooked and freeze-dried raw cat food hallmarked by nutrient-rich ingredients that cater to different feline dietary preferences and needs. The cat food company delivers frozen cat food straight to the customer’s doorstep, ensuring that the food remains fresh and frozen until it is ready for fridge or pantry storage.

Feeding cats with Smalls cat food ensures your feline friend stays healthy, energetic, and happy.

5) Putting Smalls Cat Food to the Test

Smalls cat food is known for its high-quality, human-grade ingredients that keep cats healthy, happy, and energetic. But what do cats think of this food, and what are the benefits to cat owners?

In this section, we will delve into the findings of a Smalls cat food taste test and look at the advantages of feeding your cat Smalls cat food.

Taste Test Results

To put Smalls cat food to the test, we fed it to two cats, Franklin and Eleanor. Both cats tried different varieties of Smalls cat food, including fish flavor, bird flavor, and freeze-dried raw food.

The cats loved the food and could not resist eating the entire meal. The flavors of the human-grade ingredients were appealing to both cats, and they eagerly waited for their next meal of Smalls cat food.

Advantages of Smalls Cat Food

1. Finest Ingredients

Smalls cat food is cooked with human-grade ingredients sourced from reputable farms in the US and Canada.

The company ensures that the food they deliver is of the highest quality. These ingredients include whole pieces of meat, organs, and vegetables, and they are chosen carefully to ensure the right balance of essential nutrients for feline health.

2. Variety

Smalls cat food offers a range of fresh cooked and freeze-dried raw varieties that cater to different cats’ dietary needs and interests.

Smalls cat food allows cat owners to experiment with different flavors to find out what their feline friends love most. 3.

User-Friendly Website

Smalls cat food delivery service has a website that is easy to navigate. Cat owners can browse through the different varieties, choose a subscription plan, and have their food delivered to their doorstep.

4. Meal Subscription Service

Subscribing to Smalls cat food is easy, and it takes the stress and worry out of ensuring your cat has enough food.

You can choose your subscription plan, pause, or cancel your subscription at any point. This service ensures your cat gets food on time, and you do not have to worry about running out of cat food.

6) Things to Consider About Smalls

When considering Smalls cat food, cat owners need to think about the packaging and portioning, whether or not their cat is a pick y eater, veterinary consultation, and price. 1.

Packaging and Portioning

Smalls’ packaging is straightforward and user-friendly. The cat food comes in resealable, eco-friendly containers that protect the food’s integrity and lock in the freshness.

The packaging is also portioned in amounts that are easy to store and serve. Each container holds about five meals, making it easy to monitor how much your cat eats and to store any unused food.

2. Picky Eaters

Smalls cat food comes with a variety of flavors that cater to different cat interests and dietary needs.

However, some cats may have taste preferences that are hard to satisfy. It is essential to note that it may take time for picky eaters to adjust to Smalls cat food.

The best approach is to introduce the food gradually, and Give your cat time to adapt to the new food. 3.

Veterinary Consultation

When switching your cat’s diet, it is advisable to consult with a veterinarian. Some cats may have underlying health issues like kidney disease, allergies, or intolerances that require specific dietary considerations.

If your cat has any health concerns, speak to your vet before switching their diet. 4.


While Smalls cat food is of high quality, it comes at a cost. The price per cat/per day may be higher compared to commercial cat food options.

However, investing in Smalls cat food may help improve your cat’s health and save you money on vet bills in the long run. To help control your budget, it may be best to choose a subscription plan that suits your finances.

In conclusion, Smalls cat food offers cat owners a high-quality cat food delivery service with a range of fresh cooked and freeze-dried raw cat food varieties. The advantages of the food include high-quality ingredients, a variety of options, a user-friendly website, and a meal subscription service.

Before making the switch to Smalls cat food, cat owners should consider packaging and portioning, picky eaters, veterinary consultation, and the price of the food. The attention given to these factors ensures that your cat’s needs are met, and they are happy, healthy, and energized.

7) Smalls Cat Food: Our Verdict

After testing Smalls cat food and considering various factors, we’ve arrived at our verdict. Let us discuss our thoughts on Smalls cat food and conclude on whether it is worth the investment.

Health and Freshness of Smalls Cat Food

Smalls cat food is a healthy option for cat owners seeking to improve the quality of food they offer their furry friends. Smalls cat food is all-natural and made with human-grade ingredients, which means no preservatives, fillers, or artificial additives.

It comes in fresh cooked and freeze-dried raw varieties, packed with all the essential nutrients that cats need to thrive. Canned cat food options may not be as healthy or fresh, as they often include preservatives that allow them to stay on store shelves for longer periods.

With Smalls cat food, you are guaranteed that your cat is getting the freshest and healthiest food possible.

Limited Options and Higher Cost

Smalls cat food comes with limited options, which may not suit every cat’s dietary preferences. It is important to note that the food comes at a higher cost than some canned cat food options, which may be a consideration for some cat owners.

However, the cost of Smalls cat food reflects its quality, and investing in it may help your cat avoid potential health problems that come with feeding them low-quality food. Despite the higher cost, Smalls cat food offers the convenience of being delivered to your door, saving you time and energy.

It also helps to ensure that your cat is getting high-quality, controlled, and measured portions of food ideal for their nutritional needs. While Smalls cat food is not the most budget-friendly option, the company offers different plans that cater to different budgets.

Transition Period for Cats

If you are transitioning your cat from commercial cat food to Smalls cat food, you will need to give your cat some time to adjust to the new food. During the transition period, your cat may be picky, and you may need to try different flavors before finding the one your cat likes.

It is advisable to introduce small amounts of the new food gradually, while reducing their previous food. While adjusting to new cat food may take some time, the benefits of transitioning to Smalls cat food can outweigh the difficulties.

The high-quality ingredients used in Smalls cat food can help reduce health problems and improve your cat’s overall health. In conclusion, Smalls cat food is a healthy, fresh option for cat owners seeking to switch to high

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